Why We Dance

Below are quotes from essays written by our dancers ages 8 - 18. These kids are our inspiration and their words really sum up what dance and our studio is all about!
"Dance is unexplainable through words, but definable through love and passion."

"Dance truly brought out the best parts of me. It made me okay to be myself. It made me feel okay to hurt. When I danced I couldn't judge, I couldn't hate….. I just danced. The feeling of showing my deepest fears and insecurities without uttering a single word, that's the feeling it brought."

"I also don't really open up to people unless they are pretty close to me. I have a fear that I will open up, and be shot down and emotionally broken. Dance is my way of opening up to people."

"Dance is a way for everyone to express anything without fear. You can say so many things yet never say a word. If you are feeling sad dancing can lift your spirit and share your story."

"When I am sad I dance. When I am happy I dance. When I am angry I dance. To me dance means happiness and how I express my emotions. And it means, it's me."

"Someone in every grade has been rude to me and bullied me because of my differences. That is why dance is such a safe haven for me."

"With dance, I am encouraged to be myself. The world is filled with negativity and trends. But dance enables me to escape this world.
Dance is providing me with much more than a trophy or a medal; a passion."

"I've learned dance isn't just a form of entertainment for other people to view. Dancing is also for the dancer. It can help people relieve stress by expressing the emotions inside of us."

"Tomorrow is not promised, so I dance each and every day as if it is my last."

"Dance finds a way of bringing out things people never saw in themselves. It makes individuals capable of more than anyone or themselves would ever imagine.
Showing people, if you don't belong in this world, there's a world where you do."

"Dance is my world; it is my escape when things in my life aren't going the way I want them to, and it gives me a chance to express my emotions when I normally feel like I am not able to. Dance is my happy place."

"Dance inspires me because I was born with health problems that I have overcome because of my commitment to dancing."

"Dance means a way to escape and deal with reality,
a place to make new friends, to be myself."

"Dance has helped me try new things and get out of my comfort zone."

"I hope to someday inspire shy girls like me to put themselves out there and try new amazing things!"

"Dance gives you the capability to put all your emotions into a routine, when I step foot on stage before the lights turn on and your adrenaline is pumping through your body, I take a deep breath and it's the moment when the song starts and you begin what you've been practicing for so long that everything goes away; just you and your story."

"But when I dance it's like everything goes away, all the heartache, stress, pressure, it just fades away. Many people see dance as an entertainment but few see it as a story."

"Dance is a way for me to convey feelings that words will not do justice.
Once I was introduced to dance I also became a storyteller."

"I want to inspire others to express themselves,
to find a way to share their emotions and not keep them inside."

"With every movement a dancer can transform an audience member's thoughts into memories. Dance is a universal language that defies any barrier."

"We are dancing for ourselves, but as an extra thing, we get to provide the audience with joy."

"Dance is like your favorite video game to me, it will never get old no matter how many times you play it. I wanted to dance for people who were dealing with great loss, sadness, and stress, for people who needed their day to be brighter. I dance for those who weren't fortunate enough to have an escape like dance, and needed some thing or someone who understood what they were going through."

"Dance is fun and makes me happy even when I am not feeling good. Dancing makes me feel like I can make other people happy when they watch me. When I practice I feel strong and proud because I am getting better."

"What dance means to me, is having the ability to brighten someone's day
just like dance brightens mine."

"Here at SOPA, we're so much more than teammates--we're family, those who will love you unconditionally while pushing you to grow and supporting you along the way. Dance has given me a second family, one who's impact will remain forever imprinted upon my heart."

"Dancing at Steppin' Out makes me thankful because I feel at home and I make new friends. I love when I perform and share the art of dance. Dance provides a positive place that is like a second family for me."

"The friends I have made at Steppin' Out are the best on Earth.
When I go to school I'm always trying to fit in, but at dance it all changes."

"It has provided me with memories that will last forever, a dance family that I will never forget, and a passion that will never disappear."

"My dance family has always been there for me. Through the ups and downs of life they are always there for me. Dance is everything to me."

"Dance is my 2nd family, which is filled with people that trust, help, and guide you. It means so much when we all dance together and tell a story on stage together."

"I've become friends with wonderful people who always know how to put a smile on my face, no matter what's going on in my personal life."

"Dance isn't only a passion it's a second home."

"Dance has shown me that people care enough to pick you up when you fall,
and how to do the same to others."

"The instructors teach you to be respectful and kind to other kids and they want you to know that we are all the same and we can all make mistakes. This helps me be confident and feel like I can learn without being judged. In today's society it is important to feel safe and be encouraged instead of being made fun of."

"Anyone can dance, as long as you try your best without comparing yourself to others. In dance, your appearance and background do not matter, all that matters is the way you express the art of dance. It is for everyone, and everyone is capable of dancing."

"My teachers support me to do my best and that is all that matters.
They encourage me to express myself through my dancing and to never give up.

"You will never know how much I love to dance because
I finally have a place to let my strings go."

"Dancing makes me feel free, like I can do anything."

"When I dance I can express who I am. Dance is a way to express yourself when words aren't enough. Dance is my hobby, passion, and love. I wouldn't be the same without dance."

"When I step inside the studio, I feel free to be myself."

"I always feel happy when I dance, it makes me forget about everything and
I am allowed to be myself, I am allowed to be free!"

"When I dance I find myself, not lose myself."

"Dance gives me the opportunity to express my feelings and emotions in a movement that only the soul could understand."

"Dance is an underrated way of finding yourself. Dance is who I am, I couldn't have dreamed up a better way to grow as an individual."

"Dance means the feeling of accomplishment from when I gain a new skill, when I find my limitations and work to make them expectations.
The satisfaction of running a routine perfectly after hours upon days upon weeks of working to transform choreography into more than just a vision."

"Dance is a connection with the music and your heart, mind, and soul."

"In life, I lose my balance on the perfect tightrope that the rest of the world follows, and wants me to cross. But, dance isn't like that. Instead of a tightrope, it is an open floor."

"Dance for me isn't just some pastime it's a lifestyle and a passion.
Dance for me is a form of expression and a way of speaking."

"Dance is not about being THE best. Dance is about being YOUR best."

"Dance made me realize what love is. Love is more than affection towards others; it is something that you cannot live without."

"I'm so glad I am in this wild, amazing, dedicated, emotional, super important and meaningful, roller coaster called dance."
"Dance gives me a type of barely explainable freedom, a time where a river of my emotions escapes. Everything that we don't share, even with those who are closest to us, things that we don't even think about, are shown in the moments we dance. It's an escape of the chaotic world around you, an escape from a possible terrifying reality, pain, and grief that is stored inside of us. It shows who we truly are, not the mask we hide behind, not the fake smiles and laughs, maybe even the sadness you don't feel, just who you truly are, what you truly feel."